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Depot Painted With New Roof

Depot Restoration

The Rougemont Depot has been painted and the Depot sports a new roof. After much scraping, sanding and replacing boards, the old Rougemont Train Depot was primed and painted. Then the old roof was removed and a new metal roof was installed November 8th, 2014. The colors were chosen to match as closely as possible the depot colors used by the Norfolk and Western Railroad. Doors and windows are expected to be replaced and repaired this winter. Trim around the windows and doors will be painted to match the roof color. The back side of the Depot was not restored, since the Station Master's office must be rebuilt there.  The two square windows on the rear side were actually the ticket windows of the original Depot.


The building now has been painted a tan/cream color and has a new red metal roof.

To date restoration has included jacking the Depot off its old foundation, building skids, moving the Depot, pouring footings and a concretepad, moving the Depot onto its permanent foundation, replacing rotted/ damaged wood, scraping and

sanding down to the bare wood, priming and painting, and having a new roof installed. A total of $5322.63 has been spent. Most of the labor has been donated, and costs have been minimized wherever possible.

However, the restoration has much further to go and more funding is needed to move to the next Phase of the restoration. The next big event will be disassembling and moving the old freight building from John & Bill Anderson's property to the Depot site. Significant funding will be needed for this move to rent equipment and purchase materials. Grants are being sought, but local participation and donations will be needed. Local volunteers are needed for labor as well, including cutting the rest of the trees between the Depot and the train tracks. The Rougemont Train Depot is the lone surviving depot (out of ten) in Durham County. It will ultimately become a museum. It is a project that will enhance our community and of which Rougemont citizens can be proud.

Will you help? Will you volunteer? Do you have a skill or equipment that can be used? Some time to contribute? Most of all- community interest is needed. Please contact Joe Haenn at joestrainrepair@yahoo.com if you can contribute time to SAVE ROUGEMONT DEPOT.

Funding contributions shouldbe made payable to Preservation Durham, (a 501c3 non-profit) specify “Rougemont Depot" in the memo field on the check, and send to:

PreservationDurham, P.O. Box 25411, Durham, NC 27701.

Many thanks to all who have contributed time, sweat labor and funds thus far.

John Mininger,
Feb 26, 2014, 6:29 PM