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Rougemont Freight Depot

Freight Depot Restoration

An exemplar of the original Rougemont Depot is shown  as it existed in

1925. However, this station burned down in 1938 and was subsequently replaced.The replacement building was very similar in style and con- struction, except for some minor changes in placement of doors and windows.  Does anyone have a photo of the  replacement  building?  Contact John Mininger 919-477-5308.

This station (and its replacement), although one building in construction, was comprised of 3 main parts: the front room was the ticketing and waiting room, next the stationmaster’s office,

this portion is highlighted by the bay window and semaphore in this picture), and the larger rear freight station was behind that.  John Anderson served as Stationmaster through World War II until the Norfolk and Western Railroad closed the Rougemont Depot. The Depot was then dismantled, and John moved the freight portion to his property to use as a stable.

The Rougemont Train Depot is the last remaining such depot in Durham county.  As such Joe Haenn was committed to its preservation and restoration.  He arranged for the remaining “waiting room” to be moved from the depot site on N&W property to Rougemont Village in 2010. 

The Depot was placed on a concrete pad in 2011 and painted and reroofed in 2014.

In  May 2015 the foundation for the freight depot was laid by William Stone Masonry who gave a very fair price and did excellent work. (Pictured are William Stone, Randy Grice & Norman Perry.)

Next the freight depot must be moved from John Anderson’s property, about a mile away, to the foundation. It will have to be dismantled unless a building mover is found to

move the 20’X20’ freight depot intact.  Tell us if you know a small building mover.

Joe Haenn requested that donations be made to SAVE ROUGEMONT DEPOT instead of flowers when he died.  CONTRIBUTIONS can still be made in his memory and sent payable to:

Preservation Durham   (501c3),

PO Box 25411, Durham, NC 27702

with :”SAVE ROUGEMONT DEPOT” on the memo line.  Contributions are tax deductible.

The restoration of the Rougemont Train Depot will serve to enhance the Rougemont Community and preserve the memory of its Stationmaster, John Anderson and to fulfill the wish of Joe Haenn, who loved all trains and railroads.

Volunteers are needed to work on the restoration as well as monetary contributions. Any one with time to contribute as well as skills or knowledge should contact John Mininger, 919-

477-5308 or Norman Perry, 919-477-8903.

Thanks to all who have helped to date!