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Volunteer and Equipment Needs

Volunteers are needed and welcome.  If you would like to volunteer your time and talent to the restoration of the Rougemont Train Depot please contact John Mininger email-  john.burt@mininger.info, phone 477-5308 or 
contact Joe Haenn email-   joestrainrepair@yahoo.com, phone 477-3269.

Following is a list of current equipment needed for the restoration.  If you would like to contribute any of these needs your help would be greatly appreciated!

Save Rougemont Depot Needs:

  1. 30 inch drain pipe (concrete or plastic; 160 feet needed, but at least 30 feet is needed to begin the project)

  2. Lumber (especially 1 x 6 for rafters and mud seals and 2 x 10 for outside boards)

  3. Drainage pipe (140 feet)

  4. Stone ( approx. 20 ton of #57 clean crushed rock)

  5. Concrete (approx. 17 yards of 3000 mix, with fiber)

  6. Concrete services (pouring foundation and pad)

  7. Termite services (Mike Scull)

  8. Backhoe services (for foundation and removing gasoline tank; (Don Mason)

  9. Chain saws, tree saws, and labor to clean area between the wall and the tracks

  10. Site grading (old Depot site)

  11. 210 feet of 36 inch wide galvanized roofing material and roofing screws

  12. Carpentry work (replace rafters and galvanized roof)

  13. Glass (to replace broken window panes)

  14. Carpentry work to build replacement Depot door

  15. Potbelly cast iron stove (does not need to be working)

  16. Waiting room benches

  17. Telegraph key

  18. Old wall telephones

  19. Old Norfolk & Western railroad items (e.g., date nails, jacks, wrenches, locks, china, timetables)

  20. Roll of visqueen

  21. 12 foundation vents

  22. 18- 12 inch anchor bolts

  23. 150 feet of 6” x 8” treated lumber